Horticulture nets

Horticultural nets

To ensure that birds do not eat your crops, horticultural nets can be a solution.


  • The horticultural nets of Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons are characterized by the following properties:
  • UV-stabilized
  • The most common dimensions of the horticultural nets are 5x5 m and 10x10 m
  • Also tailor-made!
  • Common widths are 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m

In the table you can read the detailed specifications of the horticultural networks.

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessShapeRopeEditionColor
PE1,5x1,5 cm1,5 mmRhombicWovenKnotlessBlack
PE2,2x2,2 cm1,5 mmRhombicWovenKnotlessBlack
PE2,8x2,8 cm1,5 mmRhombicWovenKnotlessBlack or blue


How can we help you? Please contact us by calling +31 71 40 181 92 or send an email to info@vandijknetten.com.

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