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Aviary Nets

Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes, assembles and repairs custom made aviary nets. Aviary nets are used in making an aviary, also called bird cage or bird aviary. Do you want to build or buy an aviary? Are you looking for a bird cage for outdoor or indoor use? At Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons you are at the right address!

Aviary nets for all types of birds

The team of Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes an aviary net by hand. Thanks to our years of experience in this area, we can provide you with appropriate advice in every situation. So we understand that an aviary with large birds asks for a different kind of net than an aviary with small birds. We make aviary nets for:

  • parakeet cage (birdcage parakeet, cockatiel cage)
  • parrot cage
  • canary cage
  • duck decoy
  • bird cages inside
  • bird cages outside
  • bird cages for among others pheasants, vultures, eagles, partridges and macaws

Regardless of the type of birds you have, you can contact Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons!

Tailor-made aviary nets

Our aviary nets are UV stabilized and of strong quality. Thanks to the strong material that is light in weight, large spans can be made. The team of Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes the aviary custom-made, allowing you to choose the mesh size, wire thickness and rope construction. You will find all options in the table. Of course we can advise you in this!

In addition to making the aviary net, you are also at the right place for mounting the nets.

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessRope constructionVersionColor
PE1,5x1,5 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE1,8x1,8 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE2,5x2,5 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE2,9x2,9 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE4x4 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE5x5 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE6x6 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE7x7 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE10x10 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE15x15 cm1,3 mmWrought 3x4KnottedBlack
PE4,5x4,5 cm3,25 mmBraidedKnottedBlack


How can we help you? Please contact us by calling +31 71 40 181 92 or send an email to info@vandijknetten.com.

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