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Cover Nets

It is no surprise that you want to protect your properties against all weather conditions. Nets and Netting Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes cover nets for swimming pools, boats, sand boxes, trailers, and containers. The cover nets are of high quality and UV stabilized. You can determine the size, mesh size and color. Below you find a list of the most sold cover nets. Do you want a cover net with a different size? Ask for the possibilities!

Cover nets

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessRope constructionVersionKleur
PE6,5x6,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm3,25 mmBraidedKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,3 mmWrought 3x12KnottedGreen

Trailer nets, standard* 

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessSizeRope constructionVersionColor
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm2x1 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm2,5x1,6 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm3x2 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm3,5x1,8 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm4x2 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm4,5x2,5 mWroughtKnottedGreen

*Always provided with an elastic band to pull the net tight.

Sandpit net

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessRope constructionVersionColor
Nylon4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mmWroughtKnottedBlack
PE4,5x4,5 cm3,25 mmBraidedKnottedBlack


  • Rubbers: 20 cm, 40 cm - equipped with an S-hook
  • Bungi balls
  • Elastic thread: 6 mm, black
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