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Container and Cargo Covers

Did you know that it is legally required in the Netherlands to cover your goods during transport? Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes tarpaulins, container carpets and container sails to secure your cargo. We make these canvases tailor-made!

PVC tarpaulin

A PVC tarpaulin is a sturdy tarpaulin that is plasticized. The smooth fabric attracts little dirt and is air- and watertight. Because the canvas is of strong quality, it has a long life. The application possibilities of PVC tarpaulins are diverse. For example, think of:

  • Covering swimming pools.
  • Protecting materials at loading bins and debris bins.
  • As a partition wall.

PVC mesh net

PVC mesh cloths - also known as mesh nets - are used, among other things, when covering containers and transporting goods. The PVC mesh cloths are characterized by the light weight, by the PVC coating and by the fact that they are not watertight. Due to the hole structure of the canvas, the cargo that is transported can breathe. The PVC mesh nets are RISH certified and available in all sizes.

PVC netting properties

The table shows the properties of the PVC mesh nets. These mesh nets can be supplied in every imaginable size.

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessRope EditionColor
PE6,5x6,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm3,25 mmBraidedKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,3 mmWrought 3x12KnottedGreen

Cargo nets

Cargo nets, also known container nets, are used in the transport and hoisting of goods. The strong material ensures that large quantities can be transported.

Cargo net tailor-made

In the table you will find an overview with the most common dimensions.

MaterialSizeWire thicknessMesh sizeRopeEditionColor
PP2,5x2,5 m16-12 mm30x30 cm3 stringCrossedOrange
PP3x3 m16-12 mm30x30 cm3 stringCrossedOrange
PP4x4 m16-12 mm30x30 cm3 stringCrossedOrange
PP2,5x2,5 m24-18 mm20x20 cm3 stringCrossedOrange
PP3x3 m24-18 mm20x20 cm3 stringCrossedOrange


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