Windbreak tekst

Wind cloth / shade cloth

Are you looking for a cloth that stops the wind? In our atelier we make wind cloths - also known as wind break mesh, wind break net and wind screen cloth. The wind cloths are available in all sizes and ensure that 80% of the wind is stopped. In addition to wind reduction, a wind cloth also creates shade. That is why wind cloths are also known as shade cloths.

Application options

Wind cloths have various applications, for example:

  • sun cloth in the garden
  • shade sail in a veranda
  • harmonica cloth in a conservatory
  • shade cloth


The 175 grams wind cloths are UV-stabilized and can be supplied in the colors black, dark green and light green. The wind cloths are durable finished with a polyester band or a folded edge. This makes the fabric last longer and prevents it from fraying at the ends. Steel sail eyes are made in the tire so that the wind cloth can be easily attached.

Tailored wind cloth and on roll

In addition to handmade wind cloths, we also sell wind cloths/shade cloths on a roll. The cloths are supplied in the colors black, dark green and light green. In the following dimensions:

  • 1 m x 50 m
  • 1.20 mx 50 m
  • 1.50 m x 50 m
  • 1.80 mx 50 m
  • 2 m x 50 m
  • 3 m x 50 m

The sides are finished with buttonholes. This makes the wind cloths easy to assemble.


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