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Netting supplier Van Dijk: your solid partner in nets!

Netting supplier J. van Dijk & Sons is a company that is specialised in producing and repairing all types of nets. The company is founded in 1985, but knowledge about nets has been in the Van Dijk family for generations. Now a proper Netting supplier, the family produces various kinds of nets.

To keep the prices low, but the efficiency high, Netting supplier Van Dijk has chosen for modern equipment. These machines replace some of the work that used to be done by hand. The production space of this Netting supplier is 1800 square meters. The halls are equipped for the production of different types of nets, as befitting a Netting supplier.

The target markets for a Netting supplier are very far apart. Also, a good Netting supplier is not easy to find. Therefore, Van Dijk Netting supplier exports its nets all over the world. Netting supplier Van Dijk is a well-known name in many sectors.

Netting supplier Van Dijk: For all types of nets

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Netting supplier Van Dijk: your solid partner in nets!
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