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Netting supplier J. van Dijk & Sons is specialised in producing sporting nets. Founded in 1985, knowledge about sporting nets has been in the Van Dijk family for generations. Van Dijk produces all sorts of sporting nets for many sports, such as tennis, basketball, golf, football, (ice)hockey and volleyball.

Van Dijk delivers thousands upon thousands of sporting nets for tennis courts and other sports venues, either hand-made or machine-produced. All these sporting nets are produced according to the relevant standards and rules.

Extremely stringent requirements apply to fire safety regulations for sporting nets in sports halls. For this reason, net supplier J. van Dijk & Sons has developed a special product for which the fire standards M1, M2, M3 and the B1 and B2 standards have been directly included in the raw materials of the sporting nets. These sporting nets are, therefore, not submerged which means that they are extremely water-resistant.

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Sporting nets for more information, contact Van Dijk for all sorts of types
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