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Products for riding schools

Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes various products for riding schools. Think of stable sheets and slow feeders.

Slow feeders

A slow feeder is also popularly known as a hay rack. It is widely used to make horses eat less fast. When they eat fast, they can get an esophageal obstruction. The slow feeder can prevent this since they slow the absorption of the food supply. Nets and Netting Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes various types of slow feeders ranging in mesh size and thickness. The slow feeders are made of high quality material and are easy to use.

Cover sheets for horse riding schools

For many years now, the team of Nets Specialist  J. van Dijk and Sons has been making and installing sheets for riding schools. They are also known as windbreak gauze. The sheets can be used to close the stable. The stable cloths are characterized by the sturdy material and are available in all sizes.


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