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Summer or winter, rain or snow. Soccer goal nets have to deal with all kinds of weather. It is, therefore, important that the goal net is of good quality. Nets and Netting Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons makes standard and customized soccer goal nets of high quality and in your desired color. 

Soccer goal nets adults

As you can see on the table, we are specialized in making soccer goal nets. In addition to standard-nets, our nets can also be customized since we make everything by hand. You can decide about the material, wire thickness, mesh size, design, and color.

ModelMaterialWire thicknesMesh sizeSizeVersionColor
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedBlue+white
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedRed+white
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedGreen+white
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedYellow+black
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedBlack+white
P-Model Sr.PP4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnotlessWhite
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedGreen
P-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedWhite
P-Model Sr.PE5 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x0,9x2mKnottedWhite
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedWhite
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedBlue+white
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedRed+white
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedGreen+white
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedYellow+black
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedBlack+white
Kooi-Model Sr.PP4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnotlessWhite
Kooi-Model Sr.PE4 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedWhite
Kooi-Model Sr.PE5 mm12x12 cm7,5x2,5x2x2mKnottedWhite

Soccer goal nets youth

The young soccer players among us benefit from a goal net which is smaller than an adult goal net. Below you find an overview of the most common soccer goal nets for youth. Are you looking for a soccer goal net of a different size? We also make tailored soccer goal nets.

ModelMaterialWire thicknessMesh sizeSizeVersionColor
P-Model JrPE4 mm12x12 cm5x2x0,9x1,5 mKnottedGreen
P-Model JrPE4 mm12x12 cm5x2x0,9x1,5 mKnottedWhite
P-Model JrPP4 mm12x12 cm5x2x0,9x1,5 mKnotlessWhite
P-Model JrPE5 mm12x12 cm5x2x0,9x1,5 mKnottedWhite
Model youthPE4 mm12x12 cm5x2x1x2 mKnottedWhite
Model youthPE4 mm12x12 cm5x2x1x1 mKnottedWhite

Soccer barrier nets

Below you find a list of soccer barrier nets, also known as ball stop nets, we often sell. Are you looking for soccer barrier nets with other specifications? We sell soccer barrier nets in every height and length. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

MaterialWire thicknessMesh sizeVersionColor
PE3,25 mm13x13 cmKnottedBlack or green
PE3,25 mm10x10 cmKnottedBlack
PE4,5 mm13x13 cmKnottedBlack or green
PE4,5 mm10x10 cmKnottedBlack or green


  • Fixing Cord: 2.5mm nylon, 100 m per reel
  • Repair Cord: 3.25 mm PE, 1 kilo per bulb


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