Scaffold netting tekst

Scaffolding cloth

People who work in construction often work at height using scaffolding. It is important to be able to work safely at height. By mounting a scaffolding cloth - also known as scaffolding net or scaffolding mesh – materials that fall down are collected. A scaffolding fabric has several advantages:

  • It ensures safety and fall protection. The scaffolding is packed with scaffolding cloth. As a result, falling materials, such as stones, dust and tools, can be collected.
  • It ensures wind reduction. The scaffolding cloths stops a large part of the wind, which means that work can continue in all weather conditions. In addition to stopping wind, the scaffolding cloths also keep out most of the rain and hail.

A scaffolding cloth / scaffolding net from Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons is of good quality and certified to high standards. The scaffolding cloths are easy to attach due to the special buttonholes. The scaffolding cloths are available in different colors and sizes.


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