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Trailer nets

Did you know that it is legally required in the Netherlands to cover goods that are transported in a trailer? To safely get on the road with a trailer, you can use a trailer net from Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons.

A trailer net, also known as cargo net and tarpaulin, is perfect for transporting loose loads and goods. It is easy to assemble the nets on the trailer through the elastic around the net.

Trailer nets available from stock

The trailer nets in the table below have a standard size and are available from stock. All nets for the trailer are equipped with an elastic to tighten the net around the trailer. The trailer nets are supplied in a plastic bag.

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessSizeRopeEditionColor
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm2x1 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm2,5x1,6 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm3x2 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm3,5x1,8 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm4x2 mWroughtKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mm4,5x2,5 mWroughtKnottedGreen

Customized trailer nets

In addition to trailer nets with a standard size, the team of Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons also makes cover nets for trailers with a different size. The table shows the properties of these trailer networks.

MaterialMesh sizeWire thicknessRopeEditionColor
PE6,5x6,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,8 mmWrought 3x15KnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm3,25 mmBraidedKnottedGreen
PE4,5x4,5 cm2,3 mmWrought 3x12KnottedGreen


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