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Sandbox Cover Net

Are you looking for a solution to keep your sandbox clean? Do you want to chase dogs and cats out of your children's sandbox? Do you want to cover the sandbox of your school? This is possible with a sandbox net from Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons!

Cover your sandbox to keep dogs and cats away

Children like to play in a sandbox. It is therefore of great importance for the safety of the child that the sandbox remains clean. Dogs and cats, however, find it a pleasant location to meet their needs. To prevent this, you can cover the sandbox with a net so that the sandbox remains clean. An additional advantage is that leaves do not end up in the sandbox, but are caught by the net.

Custom sandboxes

Sandboxes come in many different shapes and sizes. Every sandbox therefore needs a different type of sandbox. For this you are at the right place at Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons. We make customized sandbox nets. Whether your sandbox is round, square, triangular or has another shape: our team can make it! Is there an object in the sandbox, such as a table or something else? No problem! We have the right solution for every situation. The sandbox nets from Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons are easy to assemble.


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