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Balustrade nets

Nets Specialist J. van Dijk and Sons is market leader in balustrade nets and vide nets. We make, assemble and repair these nets. Balustrades can be used for different purposes. For example with:

  • Balconies
  • Stairways
  • As a fall protection
  • Office buildings
  • Play attractions
  • Fencing

Balustrade nets properties

The balustrade sets of Net specialist J. van Dijk and Sons are made of excellent quality. The sturdy balustrade wires consist of a square or diamond-shaped mesh. The advantage of the latter is that it is difficult for children to climb. This prevents falls and encourages safety. It is therefore not surprising that balustrades are often used as stair gates. And this also looks great, because balustrade sets fit into any interior!

Even in office buildings, on balconies and at play attractions, use is often made of the balustrade nets of Net specialist J. van Dijk and Zn. Because we make and customize everything, we can make the balustrade nets completely to your liking. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Vide net

In addition to balustrade nets, we also make and assemble vide nets. Vide nets are also called floor networks. These are nets between the ground floor and the first floor. Videnettes are also used in stair holes and in beds to prevent falls. Vide nets are also used as a lounge net.


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